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These volunteers help CHLL run smoothly, and you're likely to see them around the fields often. If you're interested in sponsorship opportunities, email our Sponsorship Coordinator

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2019-2020 Executive Board Members

Wes Ray


Scott Jenkins

Scott Jenkins Cactus Horizon Little League VP of Communications

Josh Rossman


VP of Communications

Aaron Coates


Dan Byerley


Marc Beyer


Players' Agent

Board Members

Brian Issitt

Howard Shore
Coaching Coordinator

Nate Dominguez
Fields Coordinator

Ed Drummond
Asst. Fields Coordinator

Adam Schwartz
Equipment Manager

Justin Luna
Asst. Equipment Manager

Harry Parrish
Umpire In-Chief

Deanna Goff
Snack Shack and Volunteer Coordinator

Jenn Coonrod
Asst. Volunteer Coordinator, Uniforms & Trophies

Chris Eagmin
Division Coordinator (Farm, Rookie, Tee-Ball)

Paul Luther
Division Coordinator (Minors)

Norm Dominguez
Internal Auditor

Dr. Ted Prier
Member At-Large