Registration Info

Fall Ball Registration Fees

Cactus Horizon Little League offers the best value of any youth baseball option in the area. Fall ball fees are based on level of play, with a family maximum of $300!

(4-6 year olds) Tee-Ball/CoachPitch:
$135 per player

(7-8 year olds) Machine Pitch:
$185 per player

(9-10 year olds) Player Pitch:

$185 per player

(11-12 year olds) Player Pitch:

$185 per player

(13-14 year olds) Juniors:

$185 per player

Should any family be unable to cover the entire cost of registration, grants may be awarded to cover the difference. To inquire about this, please email

Fall Ball Information

2018 Schedule - 8 weeks of game play

  • September 1st - Team notifications sent out
  • September 4th (week of) - Practices can begin (after Labor Day)
  • September 24th - Games begin
  • November 17th - End of games


Fall ball does not have the same divisions used in the Spring—teams are instead put together by age groups. In the Fall, it's common for players to "play-up" to the next division so they may gain experience in that division for the following Spring.

For example, a player that is league age 8 may have already played 1 or 2 seasons of machine pitch and want to try out the 9-10 player pitch division. "Playing-up" a division in the Fall does not guarantee placement in a similar division the following Spring, but it does provide the player with experience that will help them out in the Spring tryout process.

Use this link below to determine your players' league age:
Little League Age Chart

What is the weekly schedule like?
Each of the older age groups will usually have 3 days of baseball (practice or games) per week. Schedules can vary week to week.

The younger divisions usually have 2 days of baseball (practice or games) with an optional extra day for the players that want to spend the extra time on the ball field.

Is Fall ball run the same way as Spring ball?
Fall ball is more of a developmental season, helping players learn, prepare for the upcoming Spring season, and to have fun playing with friends!

How do I request a coach or make a friend request?
Coach and friend requests can be made during the online registration process. We try hard to accommodate all requests but do not guarantee all requests.

Why aren't the age groups the same as the Spring?
Players may want to experience playing up a division to develop their skills or test their readiness for a division. These age groups allow a player to try a division and not affect their eligibility the following Spring.

Do the teams play other leagues?
Fall ball is exciting because we play Interleague games with other local Little League programs in the area. It's fun to experience different fields, players, and coaches.

Important Information

Do you live (or attend school) within Cactus Horizon Little League boundaries?

Check our boundary map.

If your child is interested in joining a Little League team, there are a few important things you will need to know about registration. Being prepared for Little League registration is important to make sure the day goes as smoothly as possible and to make sure your child makes the team they like. No one enjoys a stressful registration process!

You will need to be able to provide proof of where your child lives, or where they attend school, and a proof of age. What information you need to bring may also depend on whether you are registering where your child lives or where they go to school, as they may not always be the same area. This may mean you need to bring school records to show proof of where your child attends school. When registering where your child, you must have 3 or more of the following current documents (dated within the last 12 months) to provide acceptable proof of identity are:

  • Valid drivers license
  • School Records
  • Federal or State Records (Birth Certificate) 
  • Utility bills
  • Financial records
  • Medical records
  • Military records
  • Vehicle records
  • Employment records
  • Tenant or homeowners records
  • Municipal records
  • Child support records
  • Welfare/Childcare records

Remember, if you are registering your child based on their school location, you MUST provide the School Enrollment Waiver. You must also have a proof of age document to register for both in town and by school.

Registration Docs

Registration is not complete until eligibility is verified, and all necessary documents are reviewed. Download the forms below, and either submit them to or present them in person at one of the doc check events. Watch our events page for doc check opportunities.